Samuel Imanuel Gunawan

(IELTS 7.5 – Sekolah Lentera Kasih, Jakarta Utara)

Thank you to HOPE Education center which has helped me to get a 7.5 band in IELTS, I took the 25 hours package and was coached by Sir Arief Budiman, he taught me a lot of tips and tricks that helped me improved my English. Even though I consider myself an adept speaker I realized that I still have much to learn and HOPE education has gave me the solution I needed. In under 3 months my English language skills were honed and allowed me to sit for the IELTS test confidently. Hats off to them!


Muskan Rishi Daryanani

(IELTS 7.5 - GMIS Jakarta)

The preparation that was provided by Hope Academy for IELTS was very sufficient and relevant. They guide me through every skill and made sure i was on track towards my goal. I could't thank HOPE Academy more for helping me achieve my target.


Hildegard Steffanie

(IELTS 8.0 SMAK 5 Penabur, Kelapa Gading)

Early September, my 2 friends and I registered to Hope in order to prepare ourselves for the upcoming IELTS examination. Hope was recommended by a friend of ours. The tuition fee given for the duration of time was definitely much cheaper than other places we surveyed. We studied in Hope twice a week for about a month, and I can say that each and every meeting was very effective. We learned a lot of new things that really did help us in the exam. 8.0 were the score I aimed for since the beginning, and I am very proud to achieve it. Without Hope, I know I wouldn't be able to do so. In the future, I would definitely recommend Hope to anyone that needs its help.


Maciko Audrey Chan

(IELTS score 8.0 GMIS, Jakarta)

I am Maciko Audrey Chan, currently studying in GMIS. Back in the late September, my friends and I decided to take tuitions here in HOPE because I have heard good recommendations from my friends and acquaintances. We had a class with Sir Arif. He is very kind, friendly and taught us different tips and tricks in order to nail the IELTS test. The class was very interactive as we had chances to speak our own ideas and perspectives. We also practiced a lot regarding the four sections of the IELTS academic test. The staff members in HOPE are also very friendly and welcoming. They also manage and organize your IELTS registration emails and forms. I feel that they are willing to help anyone with their university applications as well as any issues regarding Universities or English based exams. I am glad to have taken IELTS tuition here in HOPE as the tuition's environment is very clean and supports myself to learn.


Fiona Suryo

(IELTS Score 8.5 GMIS, Jakarta)

I studied in Hope Education before my IELTS test, and it really helped me a lot. The staff and teachers were very friendly and kind, and they helped me not only to learn for my test but also in the registration process and was always very supportive all along. One thing that I find was most helpful is the writing skills that were taught. During my placement test, I received a 6 for my writing task, but in the actual test, I have achieved 8. This improvement would not have been possible if the teachers in Hope Education did not teach me the ways in which a question is rightfully answered. My listening, reading, and speaking skills have also improved, and this is owes to the technique taught in this education. Hope Education provides the students with several books to learn and practice from at no extra cost, and I find this very helpful, especially to review before the test. Throughout the course, we are given handouts to understand the basic pattern and nature of questions that could be given in the exam. The courses are also fun and full of laughter as the teacher helps us practice in a very interesting manner. All in all, I had a wonderful time studying at HOPE Education.


Priscilla Gunadi

(IELTS Score 8.0)

I you're looking for help on IELTS, HOPE can definitely guide you!.my teacher was very friendly and helpful, she gave us a lot of advices on how to answer certain certain type of questions. In my opinion, to get a good grade in IELTS practice us definitely the key. During my lessons in hope, I was trained to endure reading long passages and improve my writing structure. The tes simulation here were mostly very similar to the real test and the simulation scores we accurate. I can ensure you that the practices will boost your confidence in facing the test!


Juan Vito

(IELTS Score 7.0 SMAK IPEKA Sunter)

Untuk menghadapi test IELTS, perlu persiapan yang harus dilakukan sebelumnya dan salahsatunya adalah belajari di HOPE.Target untuk mendapatkan nilai 6.5 di test IELTS tidaklah mudah,tetapi dengan bimbingan belajar dari HOPE 2000 belajar persiapan IELTS menjadi mudah dan menyenangkan. Pembimbing yang mengajar saya sangat tekun dan dalam waktu singkat kami dapat mengikuti pelajaran dengan mudah dan dimengerti. Serta kami diberikan audio untuk bisa latihan dirumah. Sebelum mengikuti kursus di HOPE 2000, hasil prediksi IELTS saya 6.0 dan setelah mengikuti persiapan IELTS hasil saya 7.0, Terimakasih HOPE 2000.


Ken Claudio Beltrand

(IELTS Score 7.5 Universal School)

My experience with HOPE had been great, the countless hours of learning and practice had been valuable, not only to the test but also to real-life applications. The teaching methods are simply to the point, with a miscellany of effective examples used during the initial lectures, as well as the emphasis placed towards ingraining the outlook and concepts of the task, which truly assisted me in the trials to come. I solemnly disseminate my 'thanks' towards the kindly guidance of the teacher. Felicitations to all of you!


Verina Clearesta

(SMAK Tunas Bangsa, Sunter)

Saya Verina, ikut IELTS preparation di HOPE Academy. Tempatnya OK, guru dan teman-teman sekelas juga menyenangkan. HOPE Academy sudah membantu saya dalam mempersiapkah ujian IELTS sehingga saya mendapat nilai 7.0. Terimakasih HOPE Academy, semoga makin mantap dalam mengajar murid-muridnya.